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BDS - Track Radio Airplay
BDS - Track Radio Airplay
"Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) is the world-leading provider of off-the-air music recognition for the record and radio industries. Employing pattern recognition technology, BDS identifies songs played on over 1100 radio stations in the US and Canada in real-time… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radio stations use BDS Radio to program their stations, while record companies use BDS ENcore and BDSexpress.com to enhance their promotion, sales and marketing efforts. Performing rights organizations like SESAC use BDS information to calculate music royalty payments." -BDS

How does this directly affect you, the independent musician? For starters you can submit your radio CD single or maxi-single to BDS so that you'll stand a far better chance of getting credit for your precious, hard-earned airtime. Sure, there are other methods performance rights organizations employ to track radio airplay, but BDS has become a reliable standard and core component in the process. Now you're playing in the big leagues!

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